Researching parent-child role reversal

Hi! You’ve reached a website dedicated to researching and understanding the phenomenon of parentification – an experience of role-reversal between parent and child. At the moment, the website is for my doctoral research on the subject.

Should the topic resonate with you, I invite you to please consider participation.

About this study

This research is specifically on Parentification, where I am studying the experience of children who had to emotionally parent their parents. This means that these children were relied upon, age-inappropriately to take on roles and responsibilities that were not to be expected of children their age. They may have played the peace-keeper, the hero, or the scapegoat for all that was turbulent in their families, compromising their own sense of childhood.

This is a retrospective study, where the research participants will be requested to look back upon their lives and discuss their experience of parentification, should they identify with it.

To know more about participation, please read here. If you have any questions you’d like to ask the research team, please write me at

If this is you, please consider participating in this study.